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Challenges only become a problem if you don't know how to master them. That is why we are there to help our customers on their journey towards eMobility, every step of the way. All with the aim of maximising the usage of your eTruck. How do we manage that? By not leaving you alone with your truck, but offering you an integrated solution. Thanks to our eConsulting process, innovative digital solutions, comprehensive service provision and special training courses, we can find the overall package that precisely suits your requirements.

Driven by special, powerful lithium-ion batteries – with an installed capacity of around 112 kWh3005 per battery package – the new eActros really packs a punch. In its two versions, with three or four of these batteries, it produces a total battery capacity of approx. 336 kW3004 or 448 kW3004 respectively. This energy enables the eActros to travel distances of up to 330 km3006 and 400 km3002 respectively, although the exact range may vary depending on the topography, driving behaviour, outside temperature, load and body. Its stamina makes the eActros ideal for heavy-duty distribution haulage in urban areas.

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The range was determined internally under optimum conditions, including 4 battery packs after preconditioning in partially loaded distribution traffic without a trailer at 20°C outside temperature.

In order to be able to determine the range of the eActros, individual factors such as, for example, body, payload, environmental temperature, and the area of deployment should be taken into account. The range tool provides you with initial information on how you can deploy the eActros according to your parameters. The eTruck Ready website is available to provide a more detailed analysis.


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Exterior temperature

Load capacity

Operational area

Your range:

0 100 200 300 400 km
0 100 200 miles
  • The approximate range shown in the tool was determined internally under realistic conditions and is dependent, among other things, on the individual usage of the vehicle, the vehicle equipment and a range of other external factors.
  • Range "up to 300 km": The range was determined within the company under optimal conditions with 3 preconditioned battery modules for partially loaded distribution haulage without a trailer with a 6x2 axle configuration at an outside temperature of 20°C.
  • Range "up to 330 km": The range was determined within the company under optimal conditions with 3 preconditioned battery modules for partially loaded distribution haulage without a trailer with a 4x2 axle configuration at an outside temperature of 20°C.
  • Range "up to 400 km": The range was determined internally under optimal conditions, including: with 4 battery packs, after pre-conditioning, in a partially laden vehicle, used in short-radius distribution, without trailer, at 20 °C exterior temperature.
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The eActros moves smoothly through time and space. Thanks to its electric drive, it can be active in urban areas at any time of day or night without any problem. This is because it is not only locally CO₂ emission-free, but also extremely quiet. This means it does not have to conform with noise-based bans on commercial vehicles which many towns are planning to impose. At 20 km/h with a volume of approx. 60 decibels, it is about as loud as a conversation between two people.

Your journey into the world of eMobility begins with you – with a concept for electrifying your depot based on an analysis of your own vehicle routes. You can check in advance how eTruck ready you are from your computer using the eTruck Ready website, or you can compare routes of your conventional trucks using the website of the same name. The routes can be analysed in even more detail as part of our eConsulting.

Without having to drive, analyse whether an eActros is suitable for your routes and use your individual parameters to find out how the eTruck can be used to fulfil your needs.

The website is just right if you:

  • want to check the potential eActros offers for your routes without driving
  • want to analyse routes according to individual parameters in the tool
  • are looking for initial information on the eActros deployment options
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Let our eConsultants support you with the help of this tool for a detailed route analysis beyond the limits of a self-check (via the Truck Ready website).

Use it if you:

  • know the limits and specifications of an eTruck
  • have an idea of how and where you want to operate an eTruck
  • have already predefined routes or you would like to plan new routes for eTruck deployment
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Improved vehicle availability, for eTrucks too – both on the ground and in the cloud. That is why we have not only adapted Mercedes-Benz Uptime to the eActros and the e-specific components that go with it, but we are also working on steadily equipping our workshops to suit the particular requirements of eMobility. Our tried-and-tested, intelligent system links up the eActros, the e-specific Mercedes-Benz Service and you at all times, dealing with all the relevant vehicle data – from tyre pressure to the whole drivetrain and now to the battery status too. This constant overview of the current technical status of your eActros makes trips to the workshop easier to plan and can prevent unexpected breakdowns. Everything to make your work as efficient as possible!

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